Condo Renovation

Purchased (via foreclosure auction) and renovated a 1,270 square ft, 2 bedroom condo in midtown Manhattan. Significantly increased the value of the property and generated a significant ROI within 17 months.

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Internet of Things "IoT"

The technological advancements in IoT are fundamentally changing the commercial and residential property markets. A smart implementation of IoT can allow you to manage your building remotely, enhance rental prices, and save property owners money on energy, staff, and much more.

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Property Management

We have over 15 years of experience as property managers in various building throughout Manhattan. Tenant management, building maintenance, regulatory compliance (permitting), technical upgrades, staff management and much more.

Market Research

We help our clients develop both a view on the real estate market to guide investment decisions. We analyze several variables that impact real estate prices and conduct deep-dive research into specific neighborhoods. Whether you are looking for a big-picture view or would like research done on a specific property we can help.

Construction Consulting

5 years of on-site construction management experience. Able to provide strategic advice regarding timelines, permitting, budgets, vendors, and labor.

Alex Heby



15 years of experience in property management including building maintenance.


At the forefront of the IoT revolution. Utilizing new technology to create value for clients.


5 years of experience as hands on super intendant on major commercial buildings.


Months of renovation

Month payback period




“An unbelievable transformation. Very professional team, highly organized, and excellent communication throughout the entire process. We couldn’t have envisioned a better result.”

Satisfied client.

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